Oehlbach Falcon HD: Full HD HDMI transmitter for AV signals and up to 30 meters range – ideal for projectors or a second TV set

Until now, wireless HDMI transmissions have only been possible at short distances, low resolution or high latency. This changes with the Falcon HD: The latest product from cable and electronics specialist Oehlbach is sending HDMI signals in Full HD and 3D over distances of up to 30 Meters featuring an extremely low latency of only 0.5 seconds. This way home cinema setups relying on projectors can be set up easily and professionally. The same applies to the installation of a second TV set: Thanks to the included IR transmission, the complete AV-setup in the living room can be used in another room on the next floor as well.

Be it the home cinema projector in the back, the second TV set in the hobby room or garden shed: The Oehlbach Falcon HD is the perfect choice for transmitting HDMI signals up to 1080p featuring 3D. A transmitter and a receiver are at the heart of this compact set. Reliably and with an extremely low latency it transmits high resolution AV data within rooms, to other floors or even distant parts of the building. 

Comfortably making double use of the living room AV equipment

The way the Oehlbach Falcon HD works can be explained quickly: The transmitter offers one HDMI input and one HDMI output. The HDMI cable, which would normally be connected with the TV, is plugged into the Falcon HD’s input instead. This signal – probably coming form the AV-receiver – is now automatically transmitted to the second component, the receiver, which can be placed up to 30 Meters away. The HDMI output makes the complete AV-portfolio of all connected components in the living room (set-top-box, streaming-stick, gaming console, etc.) available for a second TV set. Operating the living room components is child’s play: Thanks to the IR feedback channel of the Falcon HD, the same remote control(s) can be used. Thus a movie started in the living room can be continued seamlessly on a second TV set. The main TV set naturally still receives its full resolution signal from the HDMI output of the Falcon HD transmitter.

The convenient way to connect projectors

Connecting the projector can be a real problem in serious home cinema setups: While all other AV components are installed at the front, the projector has to be placed in the back. Depending on the distance or the shape of the room, a direct cable connection might prove to be impossible or at least hard to install. For those situations, the falcon HD provides a most comfortable solution to wirelessly transmit the video signal to the projector – for an untroubled home cinema experience without annoying tripping hazards.

High quality wireless transmission

Besides high comfort and convenience, it is especially the performance that is of the essence when it comes to high quality home cinema. This is where the Falcon HD excels at the accustomed high level of Oehlbach quality: Up to a distance of 30 meters, it provides wireless HDMI transmission at Full HD 1080p including 3D – of course compliant with HDCP, Dolby True HD and DTS HD. For a stable data transmission the Falcon HD is using the 5 GHz frequency band and does rely on a powerful Qualcom Atheros AR9374 chipset as well as a high class PureVu CNW8302 Full HD media processor.

Despite all its powerful performance, the Falcon HD does only consume a maximum of 5.8 Watts while operating. The power is supplied via the USB ports – either directly from a nearby AV component or from a mains socket using a mains adapter. Taking into account the extremely compact size of transmitter and receiver (85 x 27 x 85 millimetres, each), the Falcon HD can be placed and used very flexibly.

The Oehlbach Falcon HD will be available in black from November 2015. The MSRP including VAT is 399.00 euros. Included in the package are – besides transmitter and receiver – two mains adapters, two HDMI cables, IR transmitter and receiver as well as a users manual.                       

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