The Perfect Place for High-End Headphones – Oehlbach presents new Headphone Stands

High-quality headphones need an appropriate resting place to keep their wearing-comfort for a long time. German manufacturer Oehlbach is now offering exactly this with an impressive new range of eight new headphone stands in total: The materials that are employed range from acryl glass to aluminium and even hand-modelled resin so that the stands will fit any purpose or taste. While some of the stands – for example the anniversary edition of the famous Oehlbach HP-Stand shaped like the iconic Oehlbach head – are eye-catchers in their own right, all of the stands have one thing in common: They present the entrusted on- and over-ear-headphones in the best possible way.

As soon as the initial joy of listening to ones new high-end headphones is over, the proud owner will be confronted with a crucial question: “Now, where do I store these?” Just letting these high-class and elaborately designed masterpieces lie around on the table or even in a dark drawer is not an option. New solutions for this old problem are now available from Oehlbach Kabel GmbH in shape of a whole new range of headphone stands. There are models available for each taste and budget. This means that those beloved headphones from now on not only please the ears, but the eyes as well, while being safely stored in a way that protects the materials.

Modern looks, sturdy design: Oehlbach HP stand made of acryl glass

On- and over-ear headphones of all sizes will find a safe storage-place on the stylish and very stable Oehlbach HP-stand made of acryl glass. The discreet, modern design of the HP-stands integrates seamlessly into a large number of living places. Not distracting the eye from the real star, the headphone itself, it presents its “guest” in a subtle manner. The special shape of the stand, featuring levelled side-parts, ensures long-lasting wearing-comfort of the headphone and makes the device available quickly at any time. The HP-stand made of acryl glass is available in black or in a transparent version. The MSRP including VAT is 49.99 Euro each.

Elegant design, high-class materials: Oehlbach Alu Style HP-stand

The Alu Style Headphone Stands from Oehlbach are a true feast for the eyes. Their delicate, perfectly balanced design accentuates any headphone in a perfect way. While they seem to float in the air, on- and over-ear headphones are resting safely and firmly on the Alu Style at any time. Nonetheless, they are always at hand when needed. The balanced distribution of weight while resting on the headphone stand ensures the gentle storage of your favourite headphones and lets them keep their wearing-comfort for years and years.

Even more ‘eye candy’ – no matter if with or without headphone attached – is granted by the Alu Style ‘sand gold’ variant. Resting on a sturdy and conserving leather-cushion, each headphone will find its adequate home at the MSRP of 99.99 Euro (including VAT). The more unobtrusive variants in ‘matte black’ and ‘lunar grey’ rely on a high-class silicone-cushion and are available at 79.99 Euro (MSRP including VAT).

Extraordinary looks, extraordinary toughness – the new ‘Oehlbach Head’

The looks of the new HP-stand already grants a taste of what is to be expected when putting the headphones on: Shaped like the famous ‘Oehlbach Head’, it promises enjoyment of music with all your senses. Even the headphone stand itself, bearing the accurate name ‘In Silence’, seems to contemplatively listen to the music. Due to a frequent wish of the Oehlbach customers, the new version comes in a slightly larger shape, thus providing a perfect fit for even more models of headphones.

Even with no headphone attached, the ‘In Silence’ is a true eye-catcher and enrichment for any audiophiles hobby or living room. The Oehlbach Head is available in white or black at an MSRP of 99.99 Euro (including VAT).

For those who are looking for an even more exclusive way to store their headphones in style, Oehlbach is presenting an even more special solution: The ‘Scream Anniversary Edition’ of the HP Stand has been carefully shaped by hand from resin. This high-end headphone stand will be released in a strictly limited edition, combining all of the advantages of the well-known HP Stand with an extraordinary, unique coloration that is guaranteed to leave an impression. The Anniversary Edition of the Oehlbach HP Stand is available at the MSRP of 199.99 Euro including VAT.