4K Ultra HD in perfekter Qualität mit HDMI-Kabeln von Oehlbach

4K Ultra HD in perfect quality thanks to HDMI cables from Oehlbach

The new 4K standard, also known as Ultra HD, with its four times Full HD resolution establishes itself in living rooms, home offices and home cinemas. Having experienced high resolution movies with all their colourful brilliance and sharpness of even the smallest details, one will be unlikely to settle with anything less from there on. This outstanding quality, however, can only be achieved at the screen if the HDMI cable can match up in terms of quality. That’s why the recent Oehlbach portfolio of HDMI cables is completely compatible with 4K Ultra HD, offering a rich choice of options to connect ones living room, home office or home cinema – future proof and with perfect quality. 

The perfect HDMI cable for any situation

A total of 16 different HDMI cables is currently available in the Oehlbach portfolio – a rich choice which cannot be found at this level of quality at any other company worldwide. For any situation one can find the perfect HDMI cable here, be it the highly shielded XXL® Carbon Connect MKII or the ultra slim Slim Vision in unobtrusive White colour. Cables with angled plugs are available as well as ones with Mini- or Micro-HDMI connectors. And even considering the cable length the German producer grants a maximum of choice: Oehlbach is offering HDMI cables from 0.4 to 20 meters.Finding the right cable made easy: the Oehlbach star-categories

Oehlbach has categorized all its products with a well-arranged star system so that home cinema pros and beginners will find the suitable product easily. Of course this applies for the HDMI cables as well. A high-quality and solid entry into the world of 4K Ultra HD can be realised with cables from the 3-star-category. The German manufacturer relies solely on materials like oxygen-free copper (OFC) and 24-karat gold-plated plugs – features that mark the upper end of the quality scale at many other distributors. Not at Oehlbach though: Home cinema enthusiasts will find even higher quality in the 4-star category. The 5-star products, finally, grant uncompromising performance and the most high-end materials paired with a flawless manufacturing quality. 

Smart features for a maximum of convenience

Besides the full-spectrum loss-free transmission of 4K Ultra HD signals with up to 3.840 x 2.160 pixels the Oehlbach HDMI cables offer a lot of additional features: Most of the cables, for example, do transmit network data besides the high-resolution AV-data and thus provide useful additional functions for connected devices. Recent Audio codecs like Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are processed by the Oehlbach cables with the same high quality as 3D video-signals and widescreen formats like 21:9. On top of that, the cables are compliant with all common security protocols to ensure a stable bi-directional communication between all connected devices.