Real power for virtual reality: USB charging cables from Oehlbach

It won’t be long until VR headsets will be common accessories for our computers, just like keyboards, displays and mice are today. But as much as these devices will immerse you in virtual worlds, you will have to put them down again at some point – for example when their batteries run out. Past experiences prove that even high-end IT and CE manufacturers save on the cables included in the delivery. If you want to be prepared, you should look for a replacement in the portfolio of Oehlbach. The German manufacturer from Pulheim near Cologne offers a wide range of high-end USB cables, providing the perfect solution for charging VR headsets.

Oehlbach XXL® i-Connect UM-B/U: Real power for virtual reality

High-class equipment deserves proper accessories. When it comes to charging or data transmission, the soon-to-come VR headsets can greatly benefit from the outstanding Oehlbach USB cables in the four and five stars categories. For most headsets, the XXL® i-Connect UM-B/U should be the perfect choice: It features a standard USB-A to Micro-USB connection, making it the ideal product to connect and charge VR headsets – and lots of other up-to-date CE products like tablets, smartphones and the like. This high-end cable has gone through an extensive development process and relies on only the most sophisticated materials like 24-carat gold plated contacts for optimum protection from corrosion and maximum transmission quality. The extremely sturdy fabric mantle of the cable additionally provides it with a high resilience and a long product lifespan. The cable is available in lengths from 0.5 to 5.0 Meters. The MSRP of the Oehlbach XXL® i-Connect UM-B/U varies between 32.99 and 59.99 Euro depending on the length of the cable.

Huge diversity of connections with Oehlbach USB cables

The Oehlbach portfolio offers a wide range of connections when it comes to USB cables: USB-A to USB-B, USB-A to USB-mini or USB-A to USB-microB are available as high-end cables made from sophisticated materials – all in different lengths and including USB 3.0 models. This ensures that Oehlbach customers will always find the right cable in the portfolio of the German manufacturer to replace a broken or low quality USB cable – both for charging and data transmission. Thanks to this wide range of products, VR headsets can be quickly and reliably charged for maximum efficiency and readiness.

USB cables for VR headsets, smartphones, tablets and Apple products

Even besides the field of VR headsets, there are many use-cases for the high-end Oehlbach USB cables. Streaming devices, mobile phones and other electronic products can be easily charged and exchange their data rapidly with PCs and Apple computers. Especially for iPhone and iPad as well as other Apple products, Oehlbach developed a dedicated series of USB cables featuring Lightning Connector or Apple Plug (each to USB-A).

In total, customers will find seven different USB cables in the current Oehlbach portfolio, suitable for many different scopes of applications and available in different lengths. An overview is available at Oehlbach grants a 30 year warranty on all their cables.