Finding the perfect cable via drag&drop with Oehlbach

Looking at the huge choice of different types of cables available for connecting IT or CE devices, especially home cinema and computer beginners may quickly be completely confused. To avoid this, Oehlbach provides its customers with a handy cable configurator, available on the companies website. This convenient online tool guides professionals and beginners in three easy steps right to their perfect cable for connecting two electronic products.

(Mini-)HDMI, DVI, (stereo-)Cinch, (mini-)Jack, Toslink, Coax, S-Video, Component-Video, VGA, USB, (mini) DisplayPort, Ethernet or simply the good old SCART cable… This list of AV and data cables could easily go on for several pages. While IT and CE experts will usually quickly find the best connection between two devices, home cinema or computer beginners may despair already when being confronted with the huge choice of different cables. Exactly for this situation, German cable specialist Oehlbach does offer a brilliant solution: The companies cable configurator at (in the right sidebar) is a powerful tool for identifying the right cable for ones home electronic with only a few clicks. 

Step 1: Choosing the components

The Oehlbach cable configurator guides its users step by step to their perfect cable. First the components that need a connection are chosen from an illustrated list via drag&drop (e.g. ‘TV’ and ‘AV-Receiver’). Nice side-fact: If some products would not be matching (like a speaker with a TV-Tuner) these choices will be greyed out, leaving only reasonable combinations and reducing the otherwise huge list of selections for the user. 

Step 2: Choosing the type of connection

Based on the choice of devices that need to be connected (e.g. ‘TV’ and ‘AV-Receiver’) a list of possible cables is presented to the user. Small icons besides the type of connection (HDMI, Ethernet, etc.) show at first glance if this is an audio, video or data connection or maybe a combination of these. Again, the Oehlbach cable configurator will show only those types of cables that can actually connect the two chosen devices. With a simple click in the list, the connection type on the first device can be selected. The list of possible connections for the second device will then be reduced to reasonable choices. For example, the cable configurator will only present ‘stereo-Cinch’ and ‘stereo-Jack’ as choices for device two if ‘stereo-Cinch’ was clicked on device one.

Step 3: Choosing the perfect cable

Step 3 is probably the hardest part, as the user has to choose from the wide portfolio of Oehlbach cables: Only looking at an HDMI connection between TV and AV-Receiver there would be 17 different options in the current Oehlbach range. But of course the developer and producer from Pulheim (Germany) does not leave its customers alone at this crucial point but offers them a well-arranged list and a simple star-categorisation (ranging from three to five). Further product details (like ‘angle plug’ or cable lengths) are available by a simple click on the respective product. Via the button ‘find a dealer’ the next store offering Oehlbach cables can be identified quickly. Another option would be to save the cable on the convenient online wish list for a later visit. No matter what level of quality or type of cable a user decides for, he or she will be happy with this choice for a long time as Oehlbach grant a warranty of 30 years on all cables.