High-class phono pre-amplifier from Oehlbach: Phono PreAmp Pro connects MC and MM sound pick-ups with modern HiFi-setups

These days, record collections regain their rightful places in music shops and in our homes step by step. And for die-hard HiFi-fans, they were never really gone. But connecting the well-tried record players to modern HiFi-setups may prove difficult in some cases. Exactly for these situations, the German cable and electronics experts from Oehlbach have a large selection of phono pre-amplifiers in their current portfolio. With the Phono PreAmp Pro, they are releasing another high-class model for MC and MM sound pick-ups. 

Low-distortion pre-amplifier delivers authentic record-sound

The Oehlbach Phono PreAmp Pro has been developed with a strong focus on high quality and the best possible signal processing to preserve the distinctive sound of vinyl on its way into the HiFi-system. Thanks to the use of high-end components and 24-carat gold-plated contacts at the stereo cinch in- and outputs, the distortion of connected MM or MC sound pick-ups is less then 0.1%. Choosing the kind of connected system can be done easily by using the switch at the housing of the Phono PreAmp Pro. An external mains adapter takes care of the power supply and an earth connection is available for perfect sound without the interference of ground loops.

Timeless design and compact measurements

Despite all its sophisticated technology, the Oehlbach Phono PreAmp Pro itself remains quite unobtrusive. With its timeless design in metal-brown and its very compact measurements of only 92 x 24 x 62 millimetres it easily finds shelter in any HiFi-rack, happily doing its audiophile job. The Oehlbach Phono PreAmp Pro is available in stores now. Its MSRP is 99.00 Euro.