New Highlights from Oehlbach at High End 2016: USB mains filter, DisplayPort cables and many more new product

Finally it is time again: From May 5th to 8th the most exclusive new audio products will be presented at the High End trade show in Munich. Naturally, German cable and electronics specialist Oehlbach is present with its own booth again this year: In the Atrium 4, 2nd floor, rooms F202 and F 225 the producer and developer will be showing exciting new products from its portfolio, for example a high-end jitter cleaner for USB devices, high-grade DisplayPort cables and premium solutions for optimizing ones power supply.

Finally, on May 5th, the High End trade show will open its gates again in Munich, presenting the most recent and sophisticated products from the world of high-class audio. Naturally, cable and electronic specialist Oehlbach is present with its own booth again presenting recent and upcoming highlights from its wide AV-portfolio. On the 2nd floor of Atrium 4 HiFi fans will find the manufacturer and developer from Pulheim (Germany) in rooms F202 and F225.


Oehlbach PureClock: brand new jitter cleaner and USB mains filter

The Oehlbach PureClock, a high-class mains filter for USB devices, is celebrating its premiere at High End 2016 in Munich. The product aims at the USB ports of computers and notebooks guaranteeing an almost jitter-free connection via 5V power supply. Thus even the most precise audio devices will not be influenced by electro-magnetically distortion and provide the perfect basis for D/A signal conversion.


Oehlbach Impact Plus: New high-class DisplayPort cable series

For the perfect AV and data connection between source and monitor (for example computer and computer display) Oehlbach shows the ideal solution at High End 2016 with its Impact Plus series. These cables from the 4-star category, Impact Plus, Impact Plus M1 and Impact Plus M2, are each triple shielded and rely (as usual when speaking of Oehlbach products) on 24 Karat gold-plated contacts. They support a maximum resolution of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels. All cables follow the VESA standard and enable a loss-free data transmission at up to 25.92 GBit/s. The three variants differ concerning their plugs to provide users with a maximum of flexibility: Oehlbach Impact Plus does offer two standard DisplayPort connections. The variant M1 works as an adapter from Display Port to Mini Display Port and the variant M2 does connect two devices featuring Mini DisplayPort.

Oehlbach XXL Powercord: High-end mains cable for a stable power supply

Especially high-end AV devices react very sensitively on even the smallest fluctuations in their power supply. Relying on the XXL Powercord, first to be presented by Oehlbach at High End 2016, external influences will be reduced to a minimum thanks to its double shielding made of aluminium foil and OFC. The conductor is made of HPOCC copper and guarantees for a stable power supply thanks to its large cross section of 4 square Millimetres. Finally, the sturdy fabric sheathing serves well to protect the cable itself over many years.