Summer goes high-end: Oehlbach products for outdoors and vacations

Those who want high-end sound even while on vacation should take a look at the Oehlbach portfolio: Mobile DAC headphone amplifiers, sturdy smartphone loading cables and handy anti dust pins make listening to music outdoor-proof. So: Summer may come at last!

Even if it may not look like it is true: Summer is coming. For some of us even holidays may be coming. To enjoy maximum summer-fun at the beach, while hiking or just visiting the park, take a look at these top-three summer-products from Oehlbach:


1. USB Bridge for the perfect mobile sound
Owners of the Oehlbach USB Bridge will experience Plug&play at its best: This high-class DAC headphone amp instantly upgrades the sound of laptops massively. Thus audiophiles may enjoy their favourite music in perfect quality even while on the go. The mini-amplifier does come in an ultra-compact USB-stick format. On the inside a powerful AKM AK4396 high-performance stereo DAC is on duty. The result: outstanding mobile sound and a massive improvement against on-board soundcards. The Oehlbach USB bridge is available online and in stores at a MSRP of 149.00 euros.

2. Anti Dust Pins for smartphone owners
Tablets and smartphones have long since become integral parts of our everyday lives. To have these expensive pieces of technology well protected, Anti Dust Pins are available from Oehlbach now. They seal the headphone exits while not in use. Available in Black, Silver, Gold and Pink these stylish pins will reliably keep dirt, dust and sand on the outside. The Oehlbach Anti Dust Pins are available online and in stores at an MSRP of 9.99 euros.

3. High-end smartphone loading cables for on the go
An empty smartphone battery is an annoying thing, especially while on the go. The original loading cables traditionally do not prove to be very sturdy and are not engineered for extensive travelling. To have your mobile power supply secured, Oehlbach developed the high-end XXL® i-Connect cable series: These 5-star-cables come with gold-plated connections and a sturdy fabric coating. Thus they are perfectly suited for the mobile charging of iOS-, Android- and Windows-smartphones and –tablets. The Oehlbach XXL® i-Connect cables are available online and in stores starting at 29.99 euros (MSRP). Oehlbach grants a 30-year warranty on all its cables.