Clean power without solar panels – Oehlbach XXL® Powercord available now

We are talking about clean power, indeed, but when it comes to the Oehlbach XXL Powercord that does not mean green electricity. Instead it means power that is free of outside interference. Especially HiFi and home cinema setups often require a lot of cables to run very close to each other. To keep the different signals from influencing each other, the Oehlbach XXL Powercord is double shielded. This means that high-end audio products will receive a stable and interference-free power supply at all times.

Of course this is not about clean power in the sense of green electricity, please excuse the pun. But there is clean power, indeed, with the new Oehlbach XXL Powercord: Thanks to its high-class finishing, the sophisticated construction and the outstanding choice of materials, it is guaranteed to deliver clean, interference-free power for HiFi and home cinema products.  

Perfect power supply for high-end audio products

No matter if we are talking about crystal-clear stereo sound or immersive surround effects: When it comes to pure music or home cinema sound, every component has to be accurately matched with the rest of the setup. That is the only way to achieve perfect results. Besides the speaker including cable and the media-player, even the power cable can have a huge influence on the sound quality. This affects especially audio aficionados relying on a power filter to get rid of power fluctuations: They usually won’t take the risk of any interference with their audio enjoyment because a cable that is not sufficiently shielded. And that is exactly why Oehlbach has developed the XXL Powercord.

Double-shielded and made of HPOCC

When it comes to HiFi and home cinema setups, it is often the case that a lot of cables will run parallel and very close to each other. Conventional cables will frequently suffer from unwanted influences produced by other nearby cables, leading to a loss in audio quality or even interference. That’s why Oehlbach has equipped the XXL Powercord with a double shielding: A layer of OFC and an additional aluminium sheeting provide a stable power supply without any external influence. Of course the XXL Powercord has excellent conducting characteristics as well thanks to being made of HPOCC featuring a cross section of 4 millimetres (phase and neutral). Add gold-plated contacts and a high-class, sturdy fabric coating and you have the perfect, flexible and reliable power cord.


The Oehlbach XXL Powercord is now available in stores and online, starting from 199.00 euros (MSRP including VAT). The cable lengths range from 0.75 to 5.00 meters. Oehlbach grants a 30-year warranty on all cables.