The invisible DVB-T2 antenna: Oehlbach XXL Razor Flat now available

Outstanding signal reception up to 1080p Full HD with an indoor antenna: That is now possible with the XXL Razor Flat from Oehlbach. This high-end DVB-T2 antenna provides the perfect signal for any DVB-T2 receiver thanks to its integrated amplifier that works perfectly even in challenging conditions. Despite its great performance, the antenna itself is almost invisible: Being only a few millimetres thin and equipped with a very long and flexible cable, the XXL Razor Flat can be placed freely anywhere in the room – even directly behind the TV that can also provide power via USB. Of course the antenna can receive standard DVB-T in the same high quality as the new Full HD signals.

The new Full HD DVB-T standard, DVB-T2, is gaining ground compared to its standard definition predecessor. All over Europe more and more TV stations switch to the new, higher-resolution broadcast method. Soon, this will be the major standard that brings HDTV in Full HD resolution to the people. And that’s exactly why Oehlbach developed the XXL Razor Flat, a DVB-T antenna which handles the new Full HD signal and the still common SDTV broadcasts equally well. Another clear highlight is the shape of the antenna: Customers can place it almost invisibly in their rooms since the XXL Razor Flat is only a few millimetres thin 

Patented technology for the perfect AV reception

The XXL Razor Flat makes use of a special reception module that has been developed exclusively by Oehlbach. It guarantees the perfect signal reception via indoor antenna to provide users with the best possible AV experience. Thanks to the high-end integrated signal amplifier, this works even in challenging situations. Oehlbach is renowned for its decades of expertise in producing and optimising cables. They know how crucial the signal handover is: To ensure perfect results, the XXL Razor Flat features 24-Karat gold-plated connections.

Super-flat design for a flexible setup

The engineers at the headquarters in Pulheim near Cologne (Germany) did truly deliver their masterpiece when they managed to put all this sophisticated technology into a super-flat shell: The antenna itself is only a few millimetres thin and can be wall-mounted just by using a pair of nails or even adhesive tape. This way, the antenna is absolutely unobtrusive in the living room while delivering outstanding performance at the same time. A 3.6 meter cable provides maximum flexibility for the user when setting up the antenna. The power can be supplied directly from the TV via USB port.

Perfect DVB-T2 with XXL Razor Flat


The Oehlbach XXL Razor Flat is among the best DVB-T2 antennas in the world and provides outstanding performance as well as an unobtrusive design. The antenna works both with DVB-T2 and DVB-T hardware.