High-end reading material: the new Oehlbach catalogue has arrived!

60 pages of pure high-end for even more entertainment: The new Oehlbach catalogue is here! Be it premium cables or wireless HDMI transmitter: Everything from the current portfolio are in there, including new products that were released just a few weeks ago like the wireless subwoofer transmitter Falcon Sub, the USB mains filter PureClock and the extremely thin DVB-T2 antenna XXL Razor Flat. The new Oehlbach catalogue is now available online and can also be downloaded at www.oehlbach.com.

Available in six different languages and featuring 160 pages packed with more than 900 products: The new Oehlbach catalogue is finally here to provide long expected high-end input for electronics and cable aficionados. Friends of high-class AV enjoyment will find everything that their HiFi heart desires: Detailed descriptions and data around all the recent and brand-new Oehlbach products. 

A wide portfolio from high-end cables to wireless HDMI transmitters

Oehlbach did gain a flawless reputation of being an undisputed top-brand when it comes to cables. On top of that, the company from Pulheim near Cologne (Germany) has been offering electronics products as solutions for CE and IT problems for many years. These devices match the quality of the cables in any respect and provide reliable performance on a high-end level. The Oehlbach portfolio covers everything from wireless HDMI transmitters to high-class D/A converters and up to USB mains filters. Home cinema, HiFi and PC aficionados will find all these products, as well as a huge selection of premium cables, in the new catalogue.

Available for online-browsing and for download


The new catalogue is available now at www.oehlbach.com/en/cms/catalogue/ as well as directly via the Oehlbach homepage (www.oehlbach.com). Customers can browse through all the products conveniently online and choose their favourites. Of course the catalogue is available as a PDF document for download as well.