It’s all about that bass, ´bout that bass – no wires! Oehlbach releases Falcon Sub

Oehlbach lets you place the Subwoofer in the aesthetically and acoustically perfect spot. You are no longer restricted to the cables’ reach. The Oehlbach Falcon Sub makes ideal woofer placement easy: The transmitter-receiver combination sends the low frequencies wirelessly over distances of up to 15 meters – lossless and without delay. From now on, home cinema enthusiasts enjoy even more freedom when placing their subwoofers.

Placing the subwoofer in a home cinema does not always follow acoustic principles, but rather the given shape of a room – and the length of the cable. Usually the sub will be placed close to the AV-receiver or audio equipment to avoid cables running through the room. That is not exactly ideal, of course: From an aesthetic standpoint, a lot of people would prefer to hide the subwoofer completely, for example by setting it up behind the sofa. From an acoustic view the placement near the TV is not always the best solution. Luckily, electronics expert Oehlbach took care of this problem: The new transmitter-receiver combination Falcon Sub sends the low frequencies wirelessly to the woofer, allowing for free placement of the unit in the room.   

Outstanding quality

In the creation of the Falcon Sub, Oehlbach relied on its more than 42 years of experience in developing audio products. 24 karat gold-plated contacts ensure the best possible quality during signal handover: The transmitter receives the signal via stereo-cinch or standard subwoofer out. It sends the low frequencies via the 2.4 GHz band and with a maximum delay of 20 ms to the receiver unit. From there, it goes into the subwoofer via cable, again. Lossless transmission with absolutely no ground loops!

Maximum flexibility

The wireless transmission of subwoofer frequencies is very reliable due to the use of the 2.4 GHz band. Distances of up to 15 meters can be bridged without loss or noticeable delay. With the Falcon Sub customers can place the woofer freely within the room while the connection cable between receiver unit and subwoofer offers even more flexibility. Be it because of aesthetical reasons, because there is not enough space or for plain acoustical reasons: Falcon Sub grants maximum freedom to all audio fans.

Compact and efficient

Oehlbach Falcon Sub is a combination of transmitter and receiver unit. Both come in an almost identical, sophisticated black design and in a very compact size. As the efficient bass-transmitters are no larger than 85 x 27 x 85 millimetres, one can place them almost invisibly in the room. Energy-conscious home cinema enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Falcon Sub was created to use only a minimum of power. It also features an auto-standby function.


The Oehlbach Falcon Sub is available now online and in stores at an MSRP of 149.99 euro. High-class audio cables are included.